Founded in 1993,  the Impact Youth Basketball League is run  on a  year-round basis, winter and summer.

The league is for kids ages 4-16 years old.  No experience is required in order to participate.  Free training sessions are held for the first month of the program.   Each weekend the focus is on the ABC’S of  basketball - dribbling, passing, defense, shooting and lay-ups.  The goal is to improve the individual skill level of each child, thus insuring a more pleasant experience.  Parents are also welcome to participate as coaches, general managers, score keepers and the like.

There are three separate age division for kids.  Every child that signs up, must play in each gam he or she attends - according to league rules.

The first division is called the Alpha Division.  This division is for kids ages 4-7 years old.  In this division kids are taught the concept of the game - how to dribble, pass and shoot.  As a method of development, the referee may instruct kids on various things during the game... dribbling with one hand - instead of two, how to pass or position them defensively.  He may also guide them about not picking up the ball to run with it etc.  By the time playoffs rolls around, parents are normally quite fascinated about the quality of play in this division.

The Genesis Division is for kids ages 8-11 years old.  In this division kids learn how to do a proper lay-up and shoot with form.  At this stage they begin to understand the concept of teamwork along with how to effectively play man to man defense.  They may also learn how to effectively shoot three pointers, do a proper lay-up or how to handle the ball better.  Over the years, the league has been hailed by many through out New York City for its fundamental development with children.

The Exodus Division is for older kids ages 12-16 years old.  Again, no experience is required because its never too late to learn.  Advance training is done for the first four weeks of the league. 

Beginning the first week  of January, the annual Impact Youth Draft Lottery takes place.  Teams are formed via an NBA type draft lottery format.  Everyone  that signs up are selected on to a team.  Every team plays a.... 10-12 game schedule.  Every team makes the play-offs and trophies are awarded to the first and second place teams.  Other awards given out are... League Most Valuable Players, Mark Reiner’s Sportsmanship and hustle awards and the Christopher Hayles - most improved player award.

Impact Youth League promotes a positive sports environment for families and kids.  For the parents that are looking to develop their child's basketball skills further, Impact Youth League offers separate Private Skill Camps to advance their aptitude for advanced competitive play - AAU and Traveling Teams.
Youth Basketball For Kids Ages 4-16 Years Old!
"Make An Impact In Life, Excel In School!"